Provincial Nominee Program

Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program is designed to provide a pathway for people who are interested to immigrate to a specific state or province in Canada.

    Every state (Besides Quebec and Nunavut) has its own PNP program that is designed keeping in mind the economic and demographic needs of the province. For this reason, the immigration and application procedure, and the criteria for eligibility are varying. PNPs still are a great way and are often termed as the easiest way to attain permanent residence in Canada.

    Generally, an applicant who is successful in applying for a PNP is also able to apply for permanent residence. PNP is always considered the first of the two steps in immigrating to Canada. The applicant is first approved at a provincial and then at the federal level.

    Provinces included in PNP

    Process for applying for a PNP

    Steps to apply for Express Entry Process

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