Top 7 Reasons Why Your Express Entry Visa Applications Can Be Denied


The fastest and one of the most popular pathways to gain permanent residence in Canada is the Express Entry Visa Program. Every year, Canada welcomes more than 200,000 people through economic pathways for settling in Canada, most of which are through the Express Entry Program. But, there are several reasons why most Express Entry applications are denied. Let us have a look at the top 7 reasons why applications are denied.

Top 7 reasons why express entry visa applications are denied

Misrepresentations or Misleading statements

Misleading statements or misrepresentation of any fact that is made while filling out your Express Entry Application is a grave immigration offense. This is the sole reason that misrepresentations or misleading statements can completely bar you from applying for Canadian immigration for many years. It can also become a reason why your express entry application can be refused.

To save yourself from this repercussion, make sure that you are transparent and honest about every detail of your application. The details include career history, medical issues, and criminality issues – that you or the one accompanying you have had in the past. Also, it is equally important to be attentive, focused, and thorough while filling out your application to avoid such errors or misrepresentations.

Incomplete, missing, or expired documents.

This is the easiest mistake, due to which your express entry visa application can be denied. Most often, people submit documents without realizing that they have expired recently. This mistake is also the easiest one to fix. How so? Just ensure, before attaching all the required documents, that the documents are not expired and double-check their validity. Take an example, the language tests required for Express Entry Visas are valid for two years, so you can easily make sure that when you apply for the Express Entry Visa, they are still valid. 

Another common mistake is attaching a document that does not prove experience, like work experience. The employment reference letters that are required for immigration vary greatly from the ones that are needed for applying for a job. The reference letters that are required for Express Entry visas need to showcase your official job title, salary, as well as employment date. So always ensure to double-check your documents before applying for Express Entry Visa.

Waiting for too long for application submission

The best way to go about submitting your application is to submit it as soon as you possibly can. The Provincial Nominee program goes through rapid changes and the immigration categories open and close rapidly. If your application is not in the Express Entry Pool, you can miss out on great immigration opportunities.

Not able to show proof of funds

For applying for an Express Entry program under the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program, you need to show proof of funds. However. You do not need to show any funds proof if you are applying under the Canadian Experience Class, or if you have a valid job offer and are authorized to work in Canada.

You need to show that you possess enough funds sufficient to support your family. The amount needed varies according to the size of your family. Also, you need to show that you have enough funds to support yourself, your spouse, dependent children no matter if they are Canadian permanent residents or citizens. You also need to get aware of the specific rules about what is accepted as valid proof of funds. Make sure to go through the requirements before you submit all documents.

Criminal inadmissibility

Past criminal convictions can be a major cause of inadmissibility in Canada. Canada does not consider crimes as wrongdoings or felonies, and due to this reason, even minor convictions can make a person ineligible and inadmissible to Canada. One of the most common reasons to be considered inadmissible is being convicted of impaired driving. Criminal inadmissibility is a serious obstacle when traveling or immigrating to Canada. The Canadian immigration system has numerous options to overcome this disability and you can always hire a Canadian immigration lawyer to overcome this issue.

Health problems

Medical issues can also cause you to be inadmissible in Canada. If a foreign national fails to pass the Canadian medical exam, they will not be allowed in Canada. There are certain medical conditions that are considered a huge risk to the people in Canada and its safety, and having any of those conditions can make you ineligible for immigration to Canada. The applicant is provided notice by the Canadian immigration authorities and the timeframe for responding back and appealing is 60 days. Applicants are always advised to have an expert review their case before applying. This is done to understand if their medical and health issues will halt their chance of immigrating to Canada.

Not taking the services from an Authorized Immigration Representative

There are a lot of scams that pose as authorized immigration representatives and assure job seekers, of different job offers and visas. The scams are dangerous and have only negative outcomes. Therefore, it is highly recommended and essential to hire a Canadian government-authorized immigration lawyer or an immigration representative. It is essential to note that Canadian immigration consultants are regulated by CICC and assigned a 7-digit number to show that they are certified. To ensure your lawyer is authorized, you must verify their 7-digit number.

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