How to Become an Australian Citizen?


How to become an Australian citizen is a question that pops into the heads of many who are willing to make Australia their permanent home. Acquiring an Australian citizenship is a dream to many because of the amazing benefits and future prospects Australia has for its citizens. Even though the process can seem intimidating, with the right guidelines and assistance, this ordeal can turn into a rather easy task.

Before we move on and get you familiarized with the process of obtaining an Australian citizenship, let us look at the benefits of it.

Benefits of becoming an Australian citizen

Having an Australian citizenship comes with many benefits; let us have a look at some of them.

  1. You can live, travel, and work in Australia – restriction free.
  2. You can easily apply for an Australian passport and leave and re-enter the country without any hassle or restrictions.
  3. You are eligible to get assistance from Australian representatives when abroad.
  4. You can get employed in Australian public sector or the armed forces.
  5. You can stand for elections.
  6. You have the right to vote.
  7. You can serve in a legal jury and get enrolled in federal electoral registers.

Let us now look at the eligibility criteria that must be met by the applicants to get an Australian citizenship.

Eligibility criteria for Australian citizenship

  1. You need to pass a citizenship test.
  2. You have to be a permanent resident of Australia while applying for a citizenship.
  3. You must meet residency requirements.
  4. You also ought to maintain a close association with Australia by staying in the country.
  5. You ought to demonstrate good character.
  6. Before applying, you need to have stayed for four years in Australia.

Now that we have discussed the eligibility criteria, it is now essential to look at multiple pathways that are available to get an Australian citizenship.

Pathways of becoming an Australian citizen

There are several pathways to getting an Australian citizenship, let us go through them.

Through Conferral

Becoming an Australian citizen through conferral is possible if you meet this criterion

  • Are a permanent resident who is of age 60 years or more.
  • Are a migrant under the Commonwealth Child Migration Scheme.
  • Are a spouse or partner of any Australian citizen.
  • Are an eligible New Zealand Citizen.
  • On humanitarian or refugee migrant grounds.
  • You were born abroad to an Australian citizen.
  • Are a child adopted by an Australian citizen.

Through Investment

You can become an Australian citizen through investment by meeting any of these criteria

  • Investing a minimum of AUD 200,000 for commercializing a service or product in the industry.
  • Have a successful history of doing business with net assets worth at AUD 800,000.
  • Approved investment of AUD 1.5 million and net assets standing at AUD 2.5 million.
  • Approved investment of 5 million.
  • Approved investment of 15 million.

Australian citizenship for New Zealand Citizens

Permanent residents or citizens of New Zealand can get citizenship of Australia by fulfilling this criterion:

  • Age should be between 18 to 59 years
  • Children should be between 16-17 years of age
  • Children lesser than 15 years of age should apply with their guardians and parents
  • Migrants under the CCMS
  • Spouse or partner of an Australian citizen
  • Eligible citizens of New Zealand
  • Humanitarian migrants
  • Refugees

It is now time to take you through the steps required for becoming an Australian citizen.

Steps for becoming an Australian citizen

For becoming an Australian citizen, make sure to follow these steps.

  1. Submit your application form.
  2. Pay the applicable fees.
  3. Clear the citizenship test.
  4. Meet the citizenship requirements.
  5. Get your application approved.
  6. Get invited for further proceedings.
  7. Get invited for Australian citizenship ceremony.

An interesting thing to note here is that in order to clear the citizenship test, you must show your knowledge, insights, and understanding of Australia’s values, culture, society, and history. You should also be able to demonstrate adequate understanding of Australian citizenship’s privileges and responsibilities. Even if you are looking to process your Australian immigration from Pakistan, we are definitely sure that this guide has helped you substantially.


Getting citizenship in Australia is a rather easy process, depending on your understanding capability, eligibility, and your adherence to the respective guidelines and regulations provided by the Australian immigration authorities. It is essential to have a deeper understanding of the whole immigration process and a sound guidance throughout the process. For this, you need to consult a top visa immigration consultancy firm that not only guides you about the process but take you along the way from start till the end.

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